Writing that Conveys the Corporate Vision

Companies that can explain their strategies and their results clearly and convincingly are rewarded by clients and investors. This is true for private or public companies in any industry. The best communications reinforce the company’s long-term mission and make a compelling case for delivery on strategic goals.
We specialize in articulating corporate strategic visions in a clear and uncomplicated style. For publicly listed companies, we ensure that their financial reporting documents meet regulators’ and investors’ requirements for financial disclosure.

Our Services:

  • Positioning the company story, crafting clear messages
  • Preparing “road-show” presentations relevant to U.S. audiences
  • Writing speeches for the CEO
  • Preparing clear disclosure documents, including annual reports and proxy statements
  • Arranging meetings with influencers appropriate to the company’s interests
  • Providing news stories about the company that help shape investors’ perceptions
  • Translating business documents in many languages, including French, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese.