Protecting the Corporate Brand

Actionable intelligence about cyber threat and supply-chain risk is essential to protecting corporate reputation in today’s complex and constantly moving business environment. One of the few firms ready to protect brands as well as build them, we also provide pre-investment due diligence. A strong corporate reputation is critical to financial success.

Our Services:

Cyber Threat Intelligence:

  • Continual monitoring of criminal networks across the globe by skilled analysts

  • Searches targeted to clients’ situations

  • Focus on technical indicators of future cyberattacks and potential data breaches

  • Reporting to clients any compromised IP addresses, hacker reconnaissance efforts, leaked intellectual property and trade secrets, insider threat activities and more

Supply Chain Risk Analysis:

  • Identification of vendors, suppliers, partners, joint ventures, competitors that are often key parties to reputation damage

  • Automated data gathering and data visualization technologies that track developments in supply chains and underground networks that produce counterfeit products and services

  • Identification of supply chain performance issues and optimization opportunities

Pre-Investment Due Diligence:

  • Analysis of corporate registrations, investors, shareholder’s ownership interests

  • Identification of criminal activities such as money laundering, fraud & bribery, counterfeiting

  • Analysis of investment supply-chain opportunities and performance optimization opportunities

  • Identification of silent partners, hidden investors, unreported cash flows

  • Analysis of intellectual property and potential compromises

  • Analysis of employee backgrounds, quality of work, personality conflicts

Other Services