Our services address the principal communication needs of our clients: building and protecting reputation and providing the hands-on specialties needed to accomplish their goals. Our own reputation is based on decades of knowledge of public relations, hard work, and relentless pursuit of positive results for our clients.

Telling The Corporate Story

Building Brand Equity/ Corporate

We help build widespread recognition and positive reputation thereby strengthening clients’ corporate brands.  Both U.S. and non-U.S. companies look to us for counsel as they enter new markets.  Our role for different clients varies from strategic advice on communications issues to hands on activities to showcase the brand, depending on each situation.

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Building Brand Equity/Country

We have in depth experience in helping countries, cities and government agencies to carry out trade, investment and tourism programs –large and small – to attract needed revenue from U.S. sources. A recent project was the launch of an international economic seminar at the United Nations for Gangwon Province in South Korea, host of the Winter Olympics in 2018.

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Building Blocks

International Events with Impact

Well organized events are wonderful opportunities to provide platforms for corporate messages and activities on a wide range of subjects: addressing important issues, launch of new products and initiatives, commemoration of anniversaries, and so forth. They provide speaking occasions for corporate officers, reaching new audiences, as well as influential officials and media.

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Telling the Corporate/Country Story

Organizations that can explain their strategies and their results clearly and convincingly are rewarded by media coverage and by their customers and investors. We specialize in articulating corporate strategic visions in a clear and uncomplicated style. For publicly listed companies, we ensure that their financial reporting documents meet regulators’ and investors’ requirements for financial disclosure.

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Knowing how customers, competitors or the general public view your company and its brands is a critical element of success. Our clients have included private and public sector entities – both large and small – American and non-U.S. organizations. Primary research is perhaps most valuable for SMEs and companies entering the U.S. markets as it enables newcomers to compete on a level field with established organizations.

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