About BBA Developmental Programs Advisors

International Advisors Barbara Burns and Suzanne Harvey, each of whom is president of a successful international public relations /marketing firm, have joined their firms together to provide experienced counsel to corporations, governments, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Together they have in-depth experience in public relations and marketing, including investment, trade and tourism promotions, and media relations.


Suzanne Harvey
Developmental Programs Advisors

Suzanne Harvey is a leading counselor to public and private entities, as well as non-profits and private sector organizations, assisting them to develop strategies and programs required for successful campaigns in the areas of trade, Investment and tourism. She specializes in creating public private partnerships whereby a contract between a private party and a government entity is entered into in order to provide a public service.  She has long experience in working with United Nations programs that address global issues and at the same time enhance clients’ visibility and reputation in the international community.

During her 25+-year career, she has helped numerous clients to successfully market and distribute products in the U.S. market, covering phases of research, product development, technical training, promotional events, and media exposure. Her wealth of marketing expertise has led to successful implementation of programs that have assisted governments to raise essential revenues for their unique products and tourism offerings, as well as product development and investment opportunities.